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Temporary Staff Placement Service

This service consists in filling our customers' personnel needs during high production moments. We also cover punctual needs in manpower both at the office and factory levels.

We ensure that our personnel are available at all times to quickly meet our clients' demands within the required deadlines.

This service is carried out in three steps:

  1. The customer’s request for service;
  2. The selection of personnel;
  3. The provision of personnel at the indicated location.

Recruitment of specialized personnel

Our mission is to find you the rare pearls to meet your needs for qualified labor.

Our role is to accompany you to elaborate the job descriptions in adequacy with your needs in order to make a success of your recruitments.

Our approach of accompaniment:

  1. An analysis of the requested position;
  2. A research of the candidates in the databases;
  3. Sorting of CVs;
  4. Selection of potential candidates for interviews;
  5. The administration of a psychometric test “TRIMA” if necessary;
  6. Selection of the three best candidates;
  7. Presentation and interviewing of candidates with the client’s human resources department;
  8. Announcement of the recruitment decision to the selected candidate.
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Recruitment for general work

Global Ressource recruits an employee and makes him or her available to the client for 600 hours. After this period, the employee becomes an employee of the company, which takes care of all his contributions and deductions at source.

Global Ressource undertakes to cover the position if the employee leaves the company or does not meet the requirements of the position during a predetermined period.