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Ils ont su trouver la personne qualifiée dont nous avions urgemment besoin... ce qui nous a permis de ne pas prendre de retard dans notre production.

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Who are we ?

Global Ressource is a recruitment and personnel placement agency offering services according to the needs of companies.

At Global Ressource we understand the importance of associating with a good recruitment and personnel placement firm that is on the lookout for current market trends. The continuous development of our skills and practices is one of our strengths in meeting the specific needs of our clients.

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What sets us apart:



  • A professional analysis of recruitment needs;
  • An exhaustive analysis of CVs;


  • Rigorous selection criteria;
  • Interviews conducted by HR professionals;
  • A psychometric "TRIMA" test;
Business situation, job interview concept. Confident businessman in a job interview with a corporate personnel manager.


  • A highly valued human approach;
  • A database that is continually updated;
  • Quality services.

We guarantee:

  • A Civil Liability insurance;

  • Payment of CSST contributions for employees;

  • A report from Revenu Québec of the GST and QST every three months;

  • Source Deductions report from Revenue Quebec and Revenue Canada every month;

  • A list of employees with all required documentation;

  • All documentation that allows us to work in transparency with our clients.

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